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    Biological pharmaceutical analysis system

    Sciex is a global leader in the development of life science analytical instrumentation technology, helping to solve complex life science issues. Sciex provides users with a superior LC/MS/MS family of products and associated mass spectrometry and chemicals for a wide range of applications, including drug development and new drug research, drug metabolite identification, clinical testing, food safety analysis, environmental analysis, court Public security criminal analysis and toxicology analysis, proteomics and biomarker discovery and many other studies provide the most complete and high quality qualitative analysis data and quantitative analysis results. The CESI 8000 Plus High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis Separation and Electrospray Ionization System is the latest addition to Sciex.


    CESI 8000 Plus

    High-performance capillary electrophoresis separation and electrospray ionization system - release mass spectrometry potential


    1、Explore the potential of mass spectrometry and broaden the scope of application

    CESI 8000 Plus High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis Separation and Electrospray Ionization System

    Mass spectrometry has become an indispensable means of characterization of biological samples. How to improve the sensitivity of mass spectrometry and reduce the ion suppression effect has always been the focus of attention. Sciex has introduced a new pre-mass spectrometry separation and ionization system - the CESI 8000 Plus. The high-efficiency separation of capillary electrophoresis (CE) and the ultra-low flow rate are combined with the electrospray ionization source (ESI) to significantly increase sensitivity and reduce ion suppression. It has brought a new analytical method for protein drug characterization, proteomic identification, post-translational modification analysis and metabolomics fingerprinting.


    2、Advantages of CESI-MS

    Ultra-low flow separation and electrospray ionization

    • Minimize ion suppression

    • Maximize ionization efficiency

    • Increased sensitivity - the ability to discover new analytes and identify and quantify them

    • Electrospray needles are integrated at the end of the separation capillary, the same as the inner diameter of the capillary, no dead volume, maximizing efficiency and sensitivity

    • High column efficiency and no stationary phase, no loss of too small and too large peptide information.

    • No dead volume, not easy to block

    • No cross contamination

    • Results are complementary to other analytical methods or superior to other analytical methods.

    OptiMS card box, easy to use

    • Plug and play

    • Very easy to connect to mass spectrometry

    Higher throughput

    • Separation in empty capillaries without time-consuming column equilibration

    • Significantly reduce the time between analyses

    Movable CESI

    • Standard movable test bench for electric height adjustment

    • Free conversion between LC-MS and CESI-MS


    • Integrate capillary electrophoresis (CE) with electrospray ionization (ESI) to achieve efficient electrophoretic separation and electrospray ionization with the same capillary.


    3、Efficient pre-mass spectrometry separation and ionization system

    Improve ionization efficiency, reduce ion suppression, and increase overall analytical sensitivity.

    The CESI 8000 Plus is another revolution in analytical technology that provides a new front separation solution for the detection of charged and polar materials by mass spectrometry. CESI-MS combines capillary electrophoresis separation with electrospray ionization source to maintain efficient separation of charged and polar materials without any interference or dilution of the sample zone. At the same time, stable electrospray ionization can be provided at very low flow rates, significantly reducing ion suppression and increasing sensitivity.


    4、CESI technology

    Capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry combined to release the potential of capillary electrophoresis

    The OptiMS cartridge consists of a separate capillary, a conductive fluid delivery capillary, a coolant circulation cannula, and an electrospray needle protection device. The outlet end of the separation capillary is processed into a nanoliter electrospray needle, and the system transports the conductive liquid to the outside of the conductive portion of the needle through the conductive liquid delivery capillary to complete the electrical connection between the capillary electrophoresis and the electrospray.

    The OptiMS cartridge has a protective device that protects the internal capillary during transport, storage and use. At the same time, with plug-and-play design, installation and use is very simple.

    The CESI 8000 Plus system integrates a low-flow capillary electrophoresis separation channel and an electrospray ionization needle into the same capillary tube without any form of interface and without any volume.

    • The capillary outlet end is specially machined to form a conductive porous needle

    • Perform a current loop of capillary electrophoresis through an electrospray electrode filled with a conductive liquid

    • The electrospray voltage is applied by the porous electrospray needle section at the outlet end of the capillary

    • Electrospray stabilization at very low flow rates

    • Porous needles isolate the electrochemical reaction at the electrode to avoid effects on the spray

    • The tip of the needle is not tapered to avoid the clogging that is common during conventional nanoliter electrospray


    Ordering information

    • A98089: CESI 8000 Plus High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis Separation and Electrospray Ionization System

    - Includes CE Separation Module, UV Detector OptiMS Cartridge, pre-installed CESI 8000 Plus software control system, and highly adjustable mobile lab (for fast switching between LC and CESI).

    • B07367: Uncoated OptiMS cartridge

    -30 μm id, 150 μm OD, 90 cm long; contains uncoated capillaries

    • B07368: Neutral coated OptiMS cartridge

    -30 μm id, 150 μm OD, 90 cm long; contains a chemically bonded hydrophobic coating for high resolution separation of intact proteins and complex proteins and peptides

    • A59494: LIF Detector Upgrade (optional)

    -Solid lasers and detectors

    • B68372: PDA Detector Upgrade (optional)

    - PDA detector


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