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    50% off! Novus Protein Summer Sale

    "Is hesitant in a moment, missed the coat of the cabinet

    The alarm clock paused and missed the expected ceremony.

    In the winter, I missed the flowering period of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto.

    Forget the time difference and miss the surprise of the sunrise

    Miss the train, miss the party, miss a person..."

    Too late to pay attention to Bio-Techne, missed these:

    The coat is sold out, the ceremony is closed, sunrise and sunset, the flowering period is not waiting


    We are still waiting for you, Novus protein 50% off

    Don't miss it again!

    Your cell culture, guarded by Novus


    With more than 200,000 antibodies and 30,000 protein and peptide products, Novus Biologicals provides customers with a one-stop shop for life research.

    Novus protein is selected to produce raw materials, strictly control the production process, and has several magic weapons: high biological activity saves reagent dosage, ultra-low endotoxin reduces experimental interference, and stable batch-to-batch consistency improves experimental repeatability.


    Promotion rules

    Promotional code: EU20170630PR

    Promotion time until September 30, 2017

    Do not increase the price, the protein promotion list is longer and longer

    For more Novus products, please visit: www.novus.com

    Beijing Zhongyuan Company is a First-class agent of Bio-Techne,

    which owns the R&D Systems, Novus, Tocris brand

    Welcome to inquire about Bio-Techne

    A variety of proteins, antibodies, ELISA kit products and other products.


    If you have any comments or suggestions on our services, please send them to the following email address.