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    Ni filler promotion, with the coming of the Chinese year of the Dog ---buy GE His filler, send "Wang Wang" doll

    Ni filler promotion, buy GE His filler, send "Wang Wang" dolls

    At the beginning of the Year of the Dog, Zhongyuan Company will send you "Wang" dolls. From now until March 31, 2018, you can get the "Wang Wang" doll when you purchase the following GE His filler, buy more and send more, what are you waiting for, come home with good luck~

    1. Purchase 25ml Ni or 10ml Co filler and send a medium "Wang Wang" dolls

    2. Purchase 100ml Ni or 50ml Co fillers and send two large "Wang Wang" dolls

    Seeing so many kinds of fillers and dolls,

    Are the friends very happy?

    What are the characteristics of these fillers?

    Let's start by introducing

    1.Ni Sepharose 6 FF

    This is an entry-level Ni filler with an average particle size of 90μm. It has the advantages of high load capacity, good compatibility, fast flow rate, easy amplification, and economical benefits. It is a standard filler for manual purification.

    2.Ni Sepharose excel

    This is a new filler we strongly recommend. It breaks the limitation of traditional Ni fillers - it can withstand 100 mM EDTA. You are not mistaken, you are really 100 mM, not 10 mM, no longer because of high concentration. EDTA laboriously replaces the buffer, which is very suitable for the purification of eukaryotic proteins. Is that all that is it? That's too small to look at it - 1M NaOH is not a problem, from then on, when you thoroughly clean the packing, you don't need to take Ni and then hang Ni. You can easily get it in one step, effectively avoid cross-contamination, and don't worry about re-hanging. After Ni, the load may drop, saving time and effort.

    3.Ni Sepharose HP

    The difference between HP and FF is that it has a smaller particle size of only 34 μm. Therefore, higher resolution is obtained, the peak broadening is narrower, and the purity and concentration of the sample are relatively increased, which is particularly suitable for users with chromatography equipment such as AKTA.

    4.TALON Superflow

    When it comes to the purification of His tags, it is possible that the blue gel will appear silently in the minds of the friends, but TALON is pink. In fact, not only Ni ions, but also many other metal ions can be used to purify His tags. For example, TALON is a coupled Co ion. Because Co ion has a larger radius than Ni, its binding force to His is relatively weaker, but it is precisely This feature makes some of the weaker binding proteins even less able to bind to the filler. Therefore, if you want a better purification in one step, you can choose this filler.

    Faced with so many different His label fillers,


    The little friends may have two eyes,

    No way to start,

    It's ok,

    The following picture will help you make your choice easily.

    See it, it's very simple. Just make sure you use the expression system, and then consider your most important needs, you can initially screen the filler that was originally started. Of course, depending on the experimental results, it may be necessary to continue to optimize the selection later.

    Zhongyuan Biology is the general agent authorized by GE in the northern region.

    If you have any questions, please call the toll-free service.


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