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    Superclean workbench

    Telstar Life Sciences Technology Solutions provides high quality, innovative solutions to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and general laboratories to ensure the quality of life and the health of society as a whole.

    Telstar's goal is to provide solutions in strict accordance with customer requirements. To this end, Telstar provides high quality services to its customers with its expertise in engineering, R&D, production and customer service.

    V-30/70 series vertical flow Superclean workbench

    The vertical flow series of superclean benches are designed for non-pathogenic biological samples, cell and tissue culture, microbial control, drug preparation and other experimental work. Can also be used in electronics, optics and other industries.

    V-30/70  series vertical flow superclean workbench: two HEPA filters, airflow 70% cycle, 30% efflux. The working area is always under negative pressure while protecting the operator, the sample and the environment.

    The work area has a cleanliness level of 10 (U.S Fed Std 209E and B.S 5295).

    1、corrosion resistance

    The steel superclean cabinet body has a treated corrosion-resistant enamel on the outer surface. Wipe directly with a disinfectant.


    2、the filter

    The filter can be replaced internally by a clean bench for space-constrained laboratories.



    Stainless steel polished work surface, three-piece design, easy to remove and thoroughly sterilized.


     4、safety glass

    Both sides and the front window glass are UV-safe glass that can be removed separately.


    5、control system

    The microcomputer control system supervises and regulates the work process. The electronic display can control the following parameters.

    ●Wind speed selection: work file / standby file

    ●Work status indicator display: fan, fluorescent lamp, UV germicidal lamp working status, filter blockage (optional)

    ● Sound and light alarm

    ●Wind speed adjustment

    ●Fan, UV lamp working time timing

    6、in line with international standards

    The material and structure are designed to meet international standards and are easy to maintain.

    Optional accessories:

    1, the bracket;

    2, UV germicidal lamp;

    3. Gas check valve;

    4, stainless steel six hooks;

    5. Filter clogging alarm device;

    6, Bunsen burner.


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